Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And so it begins...

I wasn't planning on it. I thought about doing it a couple of weeks ago. I decided not to do it. I decided instead to maybe train for a 10k with the goal of beating my time in the 2004 Tufts 10K of 1:06:27. Then today out of the blue I changed my mind. A group of ladies on Triangle Mommies were talking about the Ramblin Rose Durham Half Marathon on October 16. I naturally looked it up. I saw that today was the last day to register at the least expensive registration fee. It's in my hometown. On the same day one of my running buddies is thinking about running the Hershey Half. Surely that is a sign. What was I to do? I did a brief research session on whether I could be ready in four and a half months. I have not run consistently for over a month. What am I thinking? In the end, I decided to register. I am hoping that having a goal will motivate me to keep running. After a month of inconsistent running, it was really easy to sleep in this morning and skip the opportunity to run. If I don't run I will gain weight and be grumpy. I want to run. A lot. But sometimes, more often lately, it is just too easy to skip it.

So I am starting this blog, like so many journals before. I want to document this training experience as I go through it. Sometimes when I think back to my previous running life - before children when I had nothing but time - I wish I could remember the specifics. How often did I run? How far? How fast? This time I'll keep track in the hopes that I remain motivated. And that in time I can look back and see how far I've come.