Wednesday, August 10, 2011

5 miler

In response to this post, I thought I would add a little positive thinking. My scheduled long run for yesterday morning was 5 miles. I planned to run from home to the post office and back. One way to the post office is 2.88 miles which I completed without stopping. This made me feel good remembering the sweltering 3 mile runs that I could barely finish last week. The way back is a different story, but I am proud to have completed the run. Despite a nagging pain in my left hip. My current plan of therapy is stretching and icing. Hopefully I will be ok for my planned 4 miler tomorrow.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Modified Half Training Schedule

Here is the training schedule I have devised for the half. It is created on the assumption that I am going to have the same work schedule throughout the training period (ie. weekends and Thursday nights). Also I have to remain flexible to Brent's schedule during the week. It is possible that the Tuesday and Thursday runs will have to be switched around as needed.

T minus 10 weeks

Uggg. I am really having my doubts about being able to run this half marathon. It is now about 10 weeks away and I am struggling to complete 3 mile runs in this heat and humidity. I have not had a good run in a while. They say that training in this weather is good conditioning for the fall, but I really need to have some good runs to help me feel like this is a goal I can actually accomplish.

I do however have a training plan in place and I just completed the first week. The goal was 13 miles over 4 runs. Unfortunately because of work and the extreme heat I had to skip one run and made it only 9.8 miles this week. Not a real confidence booster as I start to ramp up the mileage.

Tomorrow is a 5 mile run and I am going to do my best to get up and run as early as possible.