Thursday, February 14, 2013

Feeling the Love for Running

Dear Running,

I hate you sometimes.

But it turns out I love you more often than not.

Look at me! I'm running!
And I look like I like it!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day the folks over at #runchat have asked runners to spread the love and proudly proclaim to all the interwebs what we love about running. May I present to you things I love about running:

  • Running is my break from the insanity that comes with being a full time working mom. I run so I can deal with the other 23 hours in the day without completely losing my shit.
  • Setting goals for myself and working towards achieving them. Some goals are easier (get out the door and run today) and some take a lot of work (PR my next half marathon). But working towards a goal and accomplishing it is pretty freaking rewarding.
  • Learning valuable life lessons when you don't quite reach some of those goals. I didn't PR in my last marathon. Instead of wallowing in self pity and quitting altogether, I put on my big girl pants and started working harder. Boom.
  • That feeling you get when you are in the middle of a long run and moving along at a pretty good pace and you feel good. You can breathe, your legs don't hurt and your mind isn't telling you how much this all sucks. This moment is fleeting, but when you realize it is happening RIGHT NOW...that is my favorite part.
  • Finding new ways to become a better runner. Working out to me now has a bigger purpose. I am not going to the gym just to do it anymore. I am doing it to become a better runner. That to me has been way more motivating.

If you say so Bob

  • Running has introduced me to a whole community of other runners, bloggers, tweeters who are just as consumed by running as I am.

Tell me, what do you love most about running?

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  1. It's always so hard for me to narrow it down to one thing, but I do love the social benefits of running (running group and blogging friends), the challenge it provides and the sense of accomplishment I get from running. Running rocks!