Friday, January 24, 2014

RNR Training Weeks 5 & 6

Considering that I am halfway through week 7, I'd say this recap is a little late. But honestly there isn't much to write. Both of these weeks were a wash for different reasons. Since I am training to finish and simply cover the distance I am not overly concerned, but I am glad it happened in the beginning of my training cycle.

Week 5: aka the week of the Polar Vortex.

I missed my mid-distance hill run because it was bitterly cold and the kids' school was delayed. Other wise it was an ok week. I got in 4 runs for a modest total of 19.25 miles. Had I gotten that 6 extra miles I would have been right where I wanted to be for the week, but it is what it is.
  • Wednesday: 4 mile treadmill speedwork consisting of 1 mile warm up followed by 4 x 0.5 mi repeats at increasingly higher speeds, 0.1m rest between, 0.5 mi cool down. This certainly made the treadmill a little more tolerable
  • Thursday: Holy cow my quads were sore from the workout the day before! An easy 3 mile treadmill run flushed them out.  Core work afterwards.
  • Saturday: 10 mile long run with my running group. Would have liked to have tacked on a couple more miles afterwards but some really strong storms were rolling in complete with tornado warnings. I thought it best to pack it in and go home.
  • Sunday: 2.25mi on the treadmill before my yoga class.

Total miles: 19.25

Week 6: aka the week I find out how effective my flu shot was.

I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling not well at all. I sat in bed for a good 45 minutes contemplating getting up and going to the gym to get my workout in but in the end decided against it. I was feeling a little feverish and overall not well.  By about 10 o'clock I was on my way home from work because I was feeling progressively worse throughout the morning. By noon I was on my couch unable to move. I stayed home from work the next two days battling a mild case of the flu/strep throat. Needless to say there was no running at all.

I was feeling well enough on Saturday to attempt my long run with my running group. Whether or not it was the smartest idea, I will not say. It was a cold cold 13 miles. The last mile and a half was all uphill and I was definitely feeling tired, but I got it done.

Total miles: 13
Overall I am not beating myself up. I feel I am doing the best I can with the time I have and I still have a lot more time in my training plan. I am just praying that this brutal winter weather will let up so I can spend a little more time outside.

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  1. You are right - don't beat yourself up. You have plenty of time and you will be just fine. Better to be smart than injured!