Thursday, July 12, 2012

First training run in the books...finally!

I am pretty sure that the universe is conspiring against me.

Or else I am a little punk who is too easily making excuses not to run.

Either one.

My first official week of Half Marathon training is not going so well. I am hoping that this is not a sign of things to come and I am just getting all of the BS out of the way early. Here is a run down of the week so far...

Monday: Rest day. Yep. I started off Half training with a rest day. I am awesome like that. No, seriously, my family schedule deems Monday is a rest day for me since there are too many other obligations on Monday mornings and evenings.

Tuesday: The plan was to run 3-4 miles with some strides before work. I got up and the sky looked pretty daunting. A check of the weather said some nasty thunderstorms were on the way. I bailed. It never rained a drop. Fail.

Wednesday: I had planned to make up for Tuesday's missed run on Wednesday morning. But my phone battery died in the middle of the night and my alarm never went off. Fail #2. I brought my running clothes to work and made an elaborate plan of running during Morgan's karate class when the sky opened up with torrential rains. I almost didn't go but I couldn't stand the thought of Fail #3. By the time I got to the trail it was lightly drizzling and pretty cool. Great running weather. It was a rough run since I have been pretty inconsistent in the past week and a half and it was my very hilly route. But I got it done.

Muddy hills and wet hurdles

I am still waiting to see how the weekend goes since Brent is supposed to go to Myrtle Beach for a bachelor party.  Hopefully this first training week can be salvaged....

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