Monday, July 29, 2013

Injury Update

Considering how my last post was almost two months ago....

Most of June was spent not running and looked a lot like this:

Throughout the beginning of June my foot hurt a lot, whether I was running or not. I would be sitting at my desk and it would be throbbing.  After x-rays revealed nothing I was referred to a sports medicine doctor. I waited a week to get into see her. She ordered an MRI, but it was going to take another week to get that appointment. When I expressed my displeasure at having to wait so long, she was quick to remind me that I had a sore foot, not a brain tumor.

WTF did you just say to me?

I was in total disbelief. I waited the week to have my MRI. The results came back negative for a stress fracture. I was diagnosed with a soft tissue pressure lesion.  What exactly is that? I have no idea, because my email to my Dr went unanswered. I was told by another doctor in the practice that, in the absence of a stress fracture, I could resume my training and to return if I still had pain.  There were two things of which I was positively certain: 1) I was going to try running again and 2) I was definitely not returning to this Dr's office.

By the end of June I was slowly making my way back to running. I started back pretty slowly. It was immediately obvious that I had lost a lot of fitness over the month and I was dismayed that the pain in my foot was not completely gone even after 4 weeks off. What was different though was that the pain was completely gone the next day after ice and compression. Throughout May I would run and have to take a week off for the pain to go away.

Should I have continued running? I'm not sure, but I was too stubborn and I wanted to run. As time progressed the pain would only appear after 5-6 miles on my feet. I would go home, ice and compress and be fine the next day. I am in the process of trying some new inserts in my shoes to help with tightness in my plantar fascia and that seems to be helping. On last week's 10 miler there was only a slight twinge around mile 8. Soon I will dabble in trying out different shoes. Hopefully my foot will continue feeling better.

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  1. I hope you continue to feel better! And, definitely kick that doctor to the curb. Argh!