Friday, August 2, 2013

Team Josh

Thus far, running has been a purely selfish part of my life. As a mom to two young children and a wife to a man with an insanely busy job, running has always been that part of my life that is all mine. It is my time to get away from the demands of my family and to do something just for me.

In all of the races I have run I have never once been part of a team. I have never raised funds for a specific cause. Mostly, I never felt comfortable asking friends and relatives to donate money for my own personal hobby.

That is, until now. This October, I am running the 5 mile race at the Bull City Race Fest as part of Team Josh. The team is being organized by my friend Kelly who tragically lost her sweet baby boy, Josh, this past June.

Kelly is a friend of mine from my neighborhood. We met through a local mothers' group. My daughter and one of her sons were in preschool together for a while. We ran a half marathon together a couple of years ago. And earlier this year when she was pregnant with Josh I recommended my son's daycare for him.

During the afternoon of June 10th, Josh passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep in the home of our daycare provider. I can not explain the emotions I felt upon hearing this news. As a mother, my heart breaks for anyone who loses a child, the pain of which I can not begin to comprehend. The mere thought of losing one of my children is just too much to bear. My heart broke also for our daycare provider who, in the time we have been sending my son there, has become very dear to us. Watching both of these women endure this tragedy has been utterly heart wrenching.

In the weeks following Josh's passing Kelly has been the epitome of strength and grace. As a way to honor Josh's memory she has organized Team Josh to run the Bull City Race Fest and to raise money for the CJ Foundation for SIDS, which raises money for SIDS research projects, organizations, support programs and public education and awareness campaigns.

If you are able, please consider a donation in Josh's honor to the CJ Foundation. No amount is too small. Click here to go to his donation page. 

Joshua Smedley   March 2, 2013 - June 10, 2013


  1. Oh, my! That is such a horrible story. So sorry for your friend. I think it's awesome that you're using running to help, though!

    1. Thanks Jina. It is such a terrible tragedy and I am happy to be able to support my friend this way.

  2. What a sad story and amazing cause.