Monday, April 2, 2012

10k Training: Week 3

Better than last week.

Over all this past week was not so bad. I was feeling really good in the beginning of the week and carried it through the rest of the week. So here it is:

Monday: Spin class + arms + core. I got to the gym early enough to do some arm work before class. The class itself was amazing! I really gave it everything I had. During the class we did some upper body work which was pretty much one handed push ups while pedaling our little hearts out. These wrecked my triceps and made me sufficiently sore to bag any plans I had for more arm work for the rest of the week.

Tuesday: Rest day after an amazing gym day Monday

Wednesday: My weekly hill run. I shaved another 42 seconds off of my original time and felt great.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 2.5 mile neighborhood run before work.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 5 mile "long" run on the American Tobacco Trail. This run was fantastic. I felt great. The weather was awesome. This was my first 5 miler since starting back at running this year and was just fun.

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