Sunday, April 15, 2012

I love that dirty water!

Oh Boston, I miss you so much!

I just can not let tomorrow go by without a special shout out to my favorite town!

I am Philadelphia born and raised, but my heart is in Boston. I lived there for 10 years while Brent was in graduate school. I was married in Massachusetts. My children were born steps from Fenway Park. Some of the greatest friendships of my life were forged in Boston.

The obscure holiday of Patriots Day is virtually unknown to the rest of the country. But in Boston it means a random Monday off of work. It means the Red Sox playing at Fenway. And of course it means the Boston Marathon. The city was filled with people and the excitement was everywhere.

Every year we watched the marathon at my sister-in-law's childhood home. Mile 19. Comm. Ave. The bottom of Heartbreak Hill. In 2003 I was able to volunteer at a water stop around mile 20 right in front of Boston College. That was awesome.

Watching the 2006 Marathon with Morgan.

So every year since leaving Boston, my heart gets a little heavy for my adopted home town. I honestly never miss Boston as much as I do on Marathon Monday!

Boylston St in Copely Square. I can see my favorite running store in the background!

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