Monday, April 2, 2012

Proud Mama

These days, I identify myself as a mother first and foremost. I do nearly everything with my children in mind some way or another. Am I am perfect parent? That's laughable. But I try my best to teach them right and set a good example.

So imagine how proud I was this past Saturday when my six year old told me that he wants to run with me. He said that exercise is good for the body and he wants to run just like me. So I laced up some shoes and we went for a run around the neighborhood. He started running really fast and I had to tell him to slow down. Once he got into a manageable pace we started running together and talking about the things we saw and how much he liked running. He asked if when he got older he could run farther with me. I said of course. I told him that someday soon he was going to get stronger and be faster than me. He was confident. "Yeah", he said, "I'll be way faster than you."  We didn't get too far, maybe about 0.3 miles, before he had to turn back home to go potty. But it was the best little run of my life.

Me and my new running partner after his first
official race last 4th of July.

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