Tuesday, October 16, 2012


It's race week!

How did that happen?

Back in July, when I started training for my 2 Fall half marathons, October seemed so far away. Now my first of 2 half marathons is staring me in the face.

And the anxiety has set in. And her bitchy little friends, self-doubt and nervousness, came too.

In thinking over this training cycle I can firmly say that it was far from perfect. There were runs that were missed and long runs that blew up in my face. My overall mileage through this cycle is a bit less than last year. I didn't do nearly the amount of strength training that I said I was going to do. I put in a decent amount of effort, but in hindsight, I feel like I could have done so much more.

On the other hand, I also feel like I gave my training my best effort under the circumstances. This year, unlike the last, I have a full time job. And a husband who works 60+ hours a week. I am proud that between my responsibilities at work and the demands of being the primary care giver to my to monsters children, I was able to put in a lot of running.

Don't be fooled by cuteness. These
people are little beasts!

As runners, are we every truly satisfied with a training cycle?

Is this just the nerves talking?

Could be.

I've re-evaluated my goals. My first Half, the Ramblin Rose, is a local, hilly race. I'd like to do better than I did last year, which means sub 2:40. In three weeks I have the OBX half and I'd like to do better in that race than I do in the Ramblin Rose.  I believe my goals are with in my reach. At least I hope they are.

As I set out this weekend I really needed a personal victory. I needed a strong run to boost my confidence a bit. I probably should have been tapering a little, but since I feel like I am using the 1st race as a training run for my second race, I talked myself into running long.

I hit 14 miles, which is a personal distance record for me. They were slow, for sure, but overall it was a good run. It was a true mental workout. I found myself in trouble around mile 8, not because I was necessarily tired from running, but I couldn't stop thinking about the 6 miles I still had ahead of me.  The last 3 miles were tough physically and mentally, but when my Garmin beeped 14 I was elated.

I was also tired.

I plan on taking it pretty easy this week so I can go out strong on Sunday.

Question: How do you calm your pre-race jitters?


  1. It sounds like I wrote this post! Well, aside from the part about being the primary caregiver to kids while my husband works 60+-hour weeks. You're amazing for fitting running in with that situation!

    To calm pre-race jitters, I really try to not worry about what I have no control over at that point (weather, training, illness, injuries) and focus on what I can control: hydration, nutrition, being prepared and sleep. I still get nervous, but at least it's not about really silly stuff. :c)

    1. Thanks Jina! I am really trying not to go crazy over all of this!

  2. Good luck on Sunday :)! I haven't really gotten pre-race jitters since my first half, but then again I run races for fun and I dont't care all that much about my time so that takes the pressure off!

    1. Thank you! I've really taken this to heart and feel a little more excited today!