Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh crap

So that fantastic run I had the other day may have broke me. I felt a little sore on the rest day afterwards. But ok to head out on Wednesday. As soon as I started running something wasn't feeling so right with my legs, particularly the left one. It wasn't too bad so I decided to continue and just make it a three mile run. I finished the run with a faster time that I had anticipated or even wanted for that matter. By the time I got home I jumped right into a lower body yoga routine. But throughout the day my shins and knees just felt sore and fatigued. All of my research suggests that shin splints are a sign of overuse - going out to far or too fast. My long run on Monday could certainly have been a factor, but I can not help to notice the timing of the sore shins with my new shoes. I am afraid that the shoes I bought may not be the right ones for me. But because there are two variables at play, I can not be sure. So my plan is to ice the shins a bit and wait until Saturday to run. I have the Carrboro 4 miler on Monday so I want to run a little bit before then. I'll probably run on Saturday an easy run in my new shoes and stick to the old Brooks for the race on Monday.

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