Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A good start to the week

The first half of this week has been great on the workout front. (On all other fronts as well, now that I think of it!). I was able to get to the gym well before the start of my spinning class on Monday so I had some time to get some solid arm work done.

Spin class was AWESOME! My gym is pretty small and the spin room only has 8 bikes in it. The instructor, Steph, is great at saying just what I need her to say at just the right time. Her selection of music is amazing. I worked hard in this class. I slacked a little on the second set of hills, but I definitely gave it all I had. Steph changed up the routine a little bit from last week. Just enough to keep it interesting.

Afterwards we did a nice round of core work.

Tuesday I hurt oh-so-good.

I took Tuesday night off because I was still pretty sore and fatigued from Monday.

This afternoon I was psyched for my weekly hill challenge! The weather was perfect and I was in the mood for a run. The last time I was at the Al Buehler trail was 2 weeks ago. My time then was 38:06. That was today's time to beat.

That may seem super easy in the world of running blog land, but the name of this blog is Rose Runs Slow. It was almost called Rose Hates Hills.

This year I can not ignore them. This year I attack.

AB Trail. I love running here even if some of
its hills are straight from the devil.

Anywho, today's run started out great. I made it through a series of hills in the first 1.4 miles that I know I walked up last time around. But the second half of the trail kind of fell apart for me. I was pretty fatigued.

However, this week's time was 37:24.  42 seconds faster than last week and one a half minutes off of the first time around.

I may not be breaking any world records. But I am breaking my own. And any type of progress is progress.  I was pumped nevertheless.

I felt awesome after this run!!

Came home to a hot shower and a great dinner of fish, brussel sprouts, and rice pilaf. I'm pretty sure I ate everyone's brussel sprouts.

Off to do some stretching and foam rolling and some trashy tv.

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