Friday, May 25, 2012

Yay for Progress!

I really feel like I have been taking my list on how to be a better runner to heart this week!

First there was a little cross training in the form of spin class on Monday night.

Wednesday was my weekly hill challenge. I made it through the super hilly 3 mile course in 33:53 (average pace 11:17). This includes walking and running. This time is about one and a half minutes faster than last week and just over five minutes faster than my first time. I love seeing progress.

Happy hill runner!

This morning I reluctantly woke up early and headed out for a run around Duke before work. I had no real route mapped out, which is really odd for me. I just ran.

Duke University, aka "The Gothic Wonderland".
Very scenic route today!

I ended up covering 3 miles in 30:35 (average pace 10:11). WTH? This pace is almost a full minute faster than my normal pace. I know I was pushing it as I was more than willing to stop at intersections and walk up a couple of hills. But I had no idea! I was super psyched when I saw this at the end of my run.

I may not be winning any races yet, but I'm getting better!

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