Thursday, May 17, 2012

Time to Get Serious

Seriously, serious.

Life has taken over in the past couple of weeks. My big girl job has been busy. Brent's job has been busy. The stomach bug took us all down.

Needless to say my running has suffered. I am on my way to my first double digit weekly mileage in about 3 weeks.

I can't sit here and make excuses for why I have not been as consistent as I would like to be. All I can do is dust off and get moving.  This week has been great so far. I had a great long run of 5 miles on Monday night and then a good 3 mile hill run last night. I have been doing some planking. I really want to step it up some on the weight training as well.

I am looking forward to this weekend. I have a local 5k on Saturday morning. In the afternoon I am going to hear the ladies from Another Mother Runner speak in Raleigh. I am so excited to meet them! Then Sunday is Brent's birthday and we'll have the family over for dinner. Should be a fun time!

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