Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I spoke too soon....

So last week I was all "Yay! I am running faster!". Well, my left hip and lower back responded with "Eff that!"

I have spent the entire weekend icing my lower back. I tried to get Brent to take a picture of me "icing my butt" but he would have none of it. Now I have nothing to remind me of how awesome this past weekend truly was. Bummer.

I've also been searching Google, trying to self-diagnose my pain (because that is always a great idea). I have narrowed it down to a strained piriformis. I've been foam rolling, stretching and icing like crazy. It was feeling a ton better on Monday morning. Ok, maybe it wasn't. But I was dying to try my new Garmin out. So instead of the 5 miles I had planned, I went out for 3. I made sure to stretch really well before and especially after.

Love my new Garmin! I spent more time analyzing my run
than I did actually running.

Guess what? It was a HUGE mistake to go running yesterday. My hip/lower back were pretty sore. I was mad at myself because I knew better than to push it too early. But I was dying to run. I spent the rest of the day icing and stretching and cursing myself.

Today I am a little better. I have an 8k race on Saturday that I am not feeling 100% prepared for. But I want to try anyway. I suppose that means resting up and not being stupid until then.

In happier news, while I was not icing my ass this weekend, the kids and I went up to my parents' to check out their new additions.


New ducklings! They were the cutest things EVER!

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