Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy National Running Day!

My Twitter feed is flooded this morning with mentions of National Running Day. A huge social media celebration.

I should have the day off of work. Seriously.

To celebrate National Running Day, I am going to declare that I AM a Runner.

Seems so simple, right?

But actually it is not so black and white. I have read countless blog posts tackling this very question, "What makes someone a real runner?". My favorite running blogs are written by some seriously speedy ladies who run really far. While I love the inspiration they provide I often find myself plagued with self doubt after reading them....I'm too slow, I don't run very far, I don't have the body of a runner.I take walk breaks during a run. Slowly coming to terms with all of theses thoughts.

I run pretty slowly compared to most other runners. I will never be super speedy. It is TBD if I will ever even be considered "moderately speedy". I will never win a race I enter and most likely will never even place in my age group.

I will never run in an ultramarathon (even though I love reading about people who do). I may never compete in a full marathon.

Do these things make me less of a runner? I'd like to think not.

I LOVE to run. I run whenever I can and am always trying to get better. When I am not actually running, I am thinking about running. Or reading about running. Or mapping a new run.

I am a runner because I love running. Simple. Maybe it is black and white after all.

So if I am never going to actually going to win a race, why do I run?

I run because it makes me feel good.
So happy to be done my second half marathon.

I love how I feel after a good workout. I love the endorphin rush. I love the sense of accomplishment after running a race.

I run because it sets a good example. 
Hannah wants to run with Mommy.

I love how my children think that exercise is a normal part of everyday life. I love that they ask how my run was when they see my in my running clothes. I love that they want to run with me. I love that 4 year old Hannah told me that she had to do yoga because her hip hurt. (Sad, I know, but the sentiment was there.)

I run for the challenge.
Busted! Walking in my 8k this past weekend.

Running is hard. I don't think I will anytime soon be able to write that I went out for "an easy 7 miles" before work. But I know that if I put in the effort I will see results. I love that I don't have to compete against anyone but myself.

I run for me.
Sweaty and happy!

I am a mother of 2 young children. I am a wife to a man who works an insane amount of hours every week. I love my family so much, but they can be very demanding of my time and attention. Running is the one thing in my life that I do just for me. It truly makes me happy, which in turn makes me a better mother, a better wife, and a better person.


  1. AGREED! Take the day off!! =)

    And lets keep in touch about OBX! I'd love to meet you!! =)

  2. Absolutely! Sending your knee some super healing vibes so you can make it to OBX this year!

  3. OMG. Wouldn't it be awesome to take the day off?! I wish I had!!!