Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Whiny post ahead...

Warning - it is about to get whiny over here.

He's so lucky to have me as a wife.

I woke up extra special early so I could run before work (even though I had to be at work earlier than usual, go me!). Luckily the run gods provided me with a monsoon-free window in which to run. I set out to do my usual 3 mile loop. About half a mile in I knew something was wrong. I had been running at what I thought was a tough effort. When I looked at my Garmin and saw I was on pace for a 12 minute mile I was shocked. After a mile my legs were lead and did not want to move. I suffered through another 0.9mile before calling it and walking the rest of the way.

Ok, so I had a bad run. It happens. What really pisses me off is why I had a bad run.  Basically I let some stupid posts on a stupid internet forum get in my head. I stumbled upon this forum via Twitter and started reading it. Basically the posters critique popular running bloggers. In the end it is kind of ridiculous. A bunch of people hiding behind their computers reading blogs that I happen to enjoy just to go to another site and rip them apart. It is the total antithesis of the supportive running community that I am trying to be a part of.

In one thread they were ripping on people who carry water with them on runs, especially short runs. I personally carry water on every single run. Who the F cares? Why do I care? It doesn't make me less of a runner. I hydrate well during the day. But if I want to take water with me then I am going to do it.

Another thread discussed people who stop their Garmins in the middle of a run. This I am guilty of. I am aware that the clock doesn't stop on race day and I am padding my splits by pausing my watch during my walking breaks. So I am going to try to get better with this. Also maybe try not to take so many walk breaks.  I really need to work on my overall fitness. And my mental game. I have to be able to get past the temptation of stopping when I get the slightest bit tired.

In the end I am going to avoid the negative sites and continue reading the blogs that inspire me. Yes, they pretty much all run farther and faster then me. But I find them inspiring and they make me want to run. And in the end I run for me and no one else.


  1. #1 - yes, you had a bad day
    #2 - those people suck and are probably not even runners.
    #3 - yes, you WILL run again. We have a race :)

    #4 - and most important! I love ya, and I know you'll come back and have a great run to get your mojo back!

  2. Thanks for the virtual kick in the ass, Jenni! <3

  3. Aloha Rose, I just wanted to pop over and let you know the graphs on Wordless Wednesday were from the updated Nike+ website. Have a beautiful day and we are all allowed to whine at times!

    1. Thanks! I switched from Nike+ to Garmin over the winter and just found out how to sync my Garmin data to Nike+. I am wicked excited about that because I love how Nike keeps all of your runs and you can access them and compare. You can't really do that in Dailymile and it was super frustrating for me. I want to see my progress, darn it!