Friday, June 15, 2012

Purple Pick Me Ups

The other day I was a little whiny and I was ready to break up with running. I am happy to report that in a few hours time I got over myself and moved on.

Spoiler: I did not break up with running. In fact, a little running related retail therapy perked me right up.

Hello new Adrenalines! Welcome home!

Early that morning, I tackled the same route on which I failed miserably on Tuesday. Several things were different. 1) I had enough sleep the night before. 2) I ate a little something before had. Fuel is good. 3) I brought my water with me. I didn't really need it, but it is comforting for me to have. I was pretty pleased with how the run went.

I am still working on my endurance. I found that I am much more willing to push myself when I leave the Garmin running during my walk breaks. It seems so obvious when I think about it. I did stop my watch at intersections though and I will admit that at some intersections I may have taken my time getting back into my stride. Baby steps here, people.

Five miles tomorrow in my new shoes! Can't wait!


  1. It is amazing what a difference a little running-related shopping makes to my motivation level too! Love your new purple shoes!