Thursday, March 8, 2012

My quest to conquer the hills

It's no secret that the hills of Durham were my Achilles' heel in the Ramblin Rose last year. I avoid hills like the plague. I trained for that Half on the uber flat American Tobacco Trail. Looking back, maybe it wasn't the smartest idea. But I was looking to be able to build up my base miles without concerning myself with things like speed and certainly not hills. Well here I am now, another year older and wiser....

I was running on the Al Buehler trail yesterday and had what I consider to be a good idea for my training. The AB Trail is challenging (at least to me). I've read it described as "a hilly packed-gravel path that treats all Duke runners like the wife in a Lifetime Original Movie." I am not absolutely sure what that means exactly, but it doesn't sound good. Anyhow I am setting up a little challenge for myself. One run around the loop each week. No stopping of the watch during walk breaks (I'm a bit of a cheater that way normally.) Watch my time decrease as I get stronger, tackle more hills, walk less and run faster.

This method of hill training seems more interesting to me than hill repeats. This year, I can not ignore the hills!


  1. Sounds like a great technique! Keep us posted on your time progression! Good luck!

  2. Hills are the worst! And not that many training plans tell you when to incorporate hill training! I've been working on hills on my treadmill, since I live in a pretty flat area.